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'Stuttering and the Iceberg' Workshop: New Treatment Ideas and Takeaways!

Posted April 22, 2016

Ryan Bauer, MS, CCC-SLP presented a workshop entitled 'Stuttering and the Iceberg', to the Ridge Zeller Therapy staff. The workshop was a great review on an important topic and also provided new treatment ideas. The following post is written by one of our amazing therapists, Jana Barrett, MS, CCC-SLP. Thanks, Jana, for sharing your “takeaways -- and, on a side note, for doing such a wonderful job with the new and improved RZT Pinterest page -- and thank you Ryan for the informative and well-taught presentation!

 'Stuttering and the Iceberg'

I have a shameless stuttering fanaticism, and I was eager to hear what Ryan had to say in Stuttering and the Iceberg.

His presentation (along with the provided bagels) was full of captivating “I better write this down” moments.

His style of teaching, through engagement, well, it really engaged me.

In order to tie the information he was presenting at a personal level, Ryan encouraged us therapists to think of one student, with disfluencies, throughout his presentation.

This helped me to better recall what I had learned and to make it substantial as it applied to one of my students.

I easily picture my student, "D", painfully struggling through a word and avoiding eye contact, as Ryan discussed different stuttering behaviors and secondaries.

I will use this technique at future conferences to remember information, and, most importantly, to remember that this is truly all for my students.

Ryan made often daunting stuttering therapy seem simple and systematic. He used visuals to break down different levels of cueing and severity of stuttering in different environments.

Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy practicing the strategy of easy starts using curling ribbon, and since I had practiced it at the conference, it made it that much easier to implement back on my campus with my students.

My students were impressed with the new knowledge and speech-language therapy activities I had learned. One student even asked if he could come to a future conference!

Overall, I was very impressed with this conference as I was engaged and had ready to go activities for my upcoming therapy sessions.

Until next time,

Jana B

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