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How to Light It Up Blue (LIUB) with Autism Speaks & Ridge Zeller Therapy on April 2, 2017

Posted March 26, 2017

Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue

What is Light It Up Blue?


Autism Speaks promotes Light It Up Blue each year on April 2nd.

Light It Up Blue was adopted by the United Nations in 2007 to shine a bright (blue) light on autism as a growing global health priority.

April 2nd is also observed as World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD).

World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Speaks’ international “Light It Up Blue” campaign beckon millions across the globe to join together to increase understanding and acceptance for individuals living with autism.

What Can You Do to Celebrate Light It Up Blue and World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd?

  • Share this article and others like it with friends, family and co-workers
  • Shine a blue light around your home or office
  • Wear blue-colored clothing
  • Accessorize with a blue bracelet and jewelry 
  • Take a selfie holding this LIUB printable (click here to download)
  • Post your photo on Facebook with hashtag #LightItUpBlue and tag @RidgeZellerTherapy
  • Participate in community events that support individuals with autism and special needs
  • Take the LIUB quiz about autism
  • Healthy bonus: join a Light It Up Blue run, such as a 5k in your area


How Will Ridge Zeller Therapy Light It Up Blue?

  • RZT will shine a blue light in our office on April 2nd
  • RZT will give out blue bracelets to our staff and throughout our metro-Phoenix, Arizona community


Additionally, We Invite You to Join Us to Light It Up Blue:

  • Print out the "I Light It Up Blue" printable for selfies (on display below and also available via the Autism Speaks website here)
  • Snap a selfie or group photo holding the printable sign
  • Share it on your favorite social media site
  • Swing over to our Facebook page -- please take a moment to click the ‘like’ button!
  • Send us a FB message with your Light It Up Blue picture at any time leading up to and throughout the day of April 2nd
  • You may also email us your Light It Up Blue picture to

We'll share your picture on the RZT Facebook page and tag you! 


I Light It Up Blue Printable (I Light It Up Blue Printable for Selfies)


Light It Up Blue Pictures (Plus Facebook Captions) from Last April 2nd:

"Hilary and Heather want to remind you to wear BLUE this April 2nd to help raise awareness for Autism."

Light It Up Blue Arizona Ridge Zeller Therapy 1

"They are at it again, great job Rosie and Susan"

"Colin, Marin and Colleen are wearing blue! It's April 2!"

"Jon, Heather, Sarah, Jacob and Mulan are ready!"

"JoAnn Ridge, co-director of Ridge Zeller Therapy wearing blue!"

Light It Up Blue Pictures 1

"Ricky and family are wearing blue for Autism Awareness Day"

Light It Up Blue Pictures 3

"Jessie, Hilary and Roy supporting autism awareness at Ridge Zeller Therapy"

"The Heckers are raising awareness today!"

"Thanks, Theresa, for wearing blue and for your years of dedication to children with special needs!"

"Yay! Our very own SLP, Courtney! Way to go!"

"Another RZT SLP, Nadia, and her sister-in-law, Laurel"

"Kim, Ethan and Emma raising awareness for autism during a Rugged Maniac race. Way to go!"

"Whitney and Amy wearing blue @ NAU! Thank you"

"Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day with Diane"


Bonus: 2017 Light It Up Blue Raffle!

Sending your LIUB photo instantly gives you a chance to become our LIUB raffle winner!

One lucky individual or group will receive a $25 gift card to Target!


Last Year's Raffle Winner:

"And the winner of our LIUB Autism Awareness Raffle is Gerald Neal! Congratulations Gerald!"

Remember: Autism Awareness Month is the entire month of April!

It represents a month-long opportunity to educate one and other about autism and increase understanding and acceptance for individuals living with autism.

What are your plans for Autism Awareness Month and Light It Up Blue? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Thank you in advance for sharing this information with your friends and family and community.

Together we can continue to make a lasting improvement in the lives of millions.

Light It Up Blue Video:


JoAnn Ridge and Meghan Zeller

Co-Directors, Ridge Zeller Therapy

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