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SLP Insights for Speech-Language Pathology Externs

Posted August 12, 2016

SLP Advice for Speech-Language Pathology Externs

The 2016-2017 school year has begun, which means speech-language pathology graduate students across the country are starting their search for a speech pathology externship opportunity to help them develop along their professional career path.

We recently asked our fabulous team members at Ridge Zeller Therapy to reflect and share with our community an answer to the question:

What’s one aspect of your profession as a SLP that you wish you had known as a graduate speech-language pathology intern or speech student extern?

“… you can’t know everything. Use your resources and lean on the people around you. One more thing: you might be going to multiple locations. Be flexible.” ~ Sarah C.

“People, such as your coworkers and supervisors, don’t expect you to know everything – it is expected that you learn as you go; established SLPs still learn as they go, too.” ~ Kristi S.

“Beginning of the year set up: scheduling and what to do the first week.” – Rosie C.

“Skills are learned through experience.” ~ Candice W.

“Many skills are learned in time through experience. And speech-language is a broad field.” ~ Colette D.

“SLP and SLPA supervision expectations and opportunities.” ~ Sarah S.

“You still have a lot to learn!” ~ Jana B.

“Need to keep up with healthcare skills if you want to pursue speech in healthcare setting (hospitals, SNFs, etc).” ~ Alyson W.

“How important a reliable employer is and how to tell they will be. Example: My first job at a SNF was supposed to be full-time but became part-time due to low census. Schools are more reliable for regular hours.” ~ Kate M.

“I wish I had more information on how SLPs work with neuropsychologists I had early exposure to working with occupational therapists and physical therapists, but not the neuropsychologists area until I started working.” ~ Courtney S.

Best of luck in choosing your internship placement!

JoAnn Ridge & Meghan Zeller
Co-Directors, Ridge Zeller Therapy


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